Sunday, January 30, 2011

One World One Heart Giveaway

The final
One World One Heart
Blog Open House is on. Bloggers from around the world offer a "door" prize which will be drawn February 17th. All you need to do is visit the blog of the participating artists, leave a comment and you will be in the draw to win their prize/s. Simple isn't it?

Followers of my blog have seen the process of creating this prize. It culminated in an unfortunate incident where a lot of water was spilt on the painting. Fortunately I managed to cover up what wasn't meant to be there. Unfortunately, what I didn't realise was the amount of water that had been spilt on the painting, saturating the board the canvas is mounted on. We have have extremely hot weather here, the board dried out today and some of the canvas has come away from the board making bubbles underneath the painting. The affected areas are the corners and top of the painting so the winner could frame if and camouflage the damage to a certain extent. It is very disappointing but only slightly detracts from the focal point of the painting.

So if you are interested in winning a slightly damaged, but still beautiful original acrylic/mixed media painting, please leave a comment below and a random draw will select the winner on February 17th.


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Saskia said...

Beautiful painting with beautiful words!!

Someone, somewhere is going to be very happy with this lovely give-away...I can only dream it's me! :)

This OWOH blog trip is great! Thanks!

Sweet greetings from Belgium,
Saskia :)

Cherry said...

Yea! I'm so glad to be here and to meet you. You have an awesome blog, come check mine out sometime. Thanks for entering me in your contest!


Homemaker Honey said...

G' Day from Brisbane! Lovely painting!

homemakerhoney @gmail .com

Wanda AKA "Craftymule" said...

Hi, Brenda:

It's nice "meeting" you. I think your painting is adorable and any peeling paint will only add to it's charm. :) Please enter my name in your lovely drawing and be sure to stop by and enter mine as well.

Warmest regards,


Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Your painting is pretty and the damage only adds to the "story"! Would love to win it! Drop by my blog for a chance to win my prize too if you like! Patsy.paterno (at) from

Michaele said...

I agree: knowing the damage story (and being able to see part of your creative process in your earlier post) adds to the character of your piece- I love the combination of inspiring text and beautiful imagery!

Wait, is that a delicious sounding recipe I see further down on your blog?

I do hope you'll visit me at my blogs, Kindergarten's 3 R's and Twigs and Tulle where I'm giving away pattern blocks and a cute mini-bunting! I'm looking forward to visiting more of your blog- Happy OWOH!



Kate said...

It's story is what makes it unique and of course we would all still love to win it! Happy OWOH.

** Kate **

jonaks said...

she is so lovely!!! I would still love to win her!

Keshia said...

What a great blog you have, very pleased to met you :)

Beautiful painting... I have my fingers crossed!!


Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

thank you for participating this year....I have added your blog to the link list. Enjoy the ride!

Astrid Maclean said...

Stunning painting and beautiful blog!Gorgeous, would love to win, your work is so different and fabulous!

If you have a minute please come and visit my giveaway too.
Hugs from bonny Scotland!

Palma said...


I am also participating...come and join in

good luck ♥

antmee said...

Art with some history! I like and you can count me in!

crafty creations said...

Hiya Brenda good to meet you - your piece is awesome

I'm also taking part please visit me

Hugs Crafty Creations UK

Sherry Edwards said...

Your painting is beautiful and I can't even see any damage. I love the words too. It's lovely to meet you and I hope you'll stop by and see my giveaways too on my blog.

Sherry from England, UK

Wilma said...

Hi from Newcastle NSW - great giveaway!
Hope you enjoy OWOH and look forward to a visit from you during the event at

Donna said...

Thank you for taking the time to offer this lovely gift and thank you for the opportunity to win!

Kathy said...

Your work is lovely. And any errors on it are not really errors at all, but part of the art. I would be honored to win it. Can't wait to check out the rest of your work.

Sharon Field / Created By You said...

Beautiful! Love the heart! Happy to meet you and hope you'll stop by my blog too for the one world one heart tour!

cbee said...

This is beautiful!! I'd love to win it!!! Please come over to my OWOH
Hugs, Caro

Pixie said...

my son's favourite art teacher once said 'the art is in the accident' and I agree. That painting is a real treasure.

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Hello Brenda! Beautiful artwork! pleased to visit you and your blog is lovely. I am a Canadian Mixed Media and Digital Artist. I hope you will visit my blog as well. Thank you for including me in your wonderful gift draw. Hugs, Gayle.

Artseyanne said...

Love your painting, please include me in your draw. Call in on me at #100 if you have a chance.

Lisa Nelson's Art said...

Lovely giveaway! Kindly enter me in your contest and have a great time! US greetings, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hello Brenda,
not having seen your blog I missed the work in progress. However the result is stunning and the water damage adds to its charm, so don't apologise for the lucky accident.Please enter me into your draw, I'd be honoured to have this insping piece. Drop by my blog if you find time, you'd be welcome.
From Germany to Australia, hallo!

jenny said...

Hello from one Aussie to another :)))
I just love your painting... her face is so so sweet... a truly beautiful giveaway...

Happy OWOH...
Jenny x

Quiltmoose - Dagmar said...

It's still an adorable painting! I wouldn't mind the damage :-)
Please enter my name into your draw! And pop over to my blog, too, if you like, I am also participating in OWOH --> #88

Greetings from Germany,

yoborobo said...

It's a really beautiful painting (water spots just add interest! :). Greetings from Maryland, USA. Come visit me, too! Pam

True :) said...

Such an amazing piece of art!
Love the sentiment. It fits this event so perfectly!
I am soooo crossing my fingers right now! LOL! ;)
I am now one of your followers. I hope you will "Fly On The Wings of OWOH" over to MY BLOG, have a peek at my prize, and maybe even follow me too! :)
It's so nice to "meet" you!
True :D

Antonella said...

I am so happy to meet you today on the wings of OWOH! Thanks for a chance to win your wonderful giveaway - I cannot see anything damaged only beauty and sweet words.
Hugs, Antonella :-)
Stop by for a chance to win my giveaway!

Simply Shaz said...

Hi Brenda
Your painting is beautiful!
Regardless of any mishaps you is still beautiful :)
Giving you a *wave* from the uk :)
Shaz x

BabesbyBarb said...

I enjoyed my visit here, you have a lovely painting for your giveaway.

calej said...

Such a kind-"hearted face" this lady has! I'd love to win her!

Hope you can join in my goodie giveaways as well! :)


calejbitsvyk at gmail dot com
calej d'art

nfmgirl said...

It is still very lovely! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

MOLLYE said...

Well honey we're all a bit damaged ourselves and the painting is beautiful just as we all are. Come visit me when you can!

PetraB said...

So nice to meet you and to visit your blog. Your art is amazing, the painting and words are so beautiful. Happy OWOH!

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Hope you have oodles of fun during OWOH. Love your Mixed Media Painting. Despite any damage it will still look darling hung. Count me in please.
visionquest2020 At msn DOT com

Caitlin said...

So pretty! Can't really even see the bubbles. :)

Diane said...

Brenda, I loved her the first time I saw her--I would love to have her--please be sure to come over for my giveaway too!! Diane

Healing Woman said...

I'll bet I can find a wonderful frame for her! She's lovely. Please add my name for a chance to win her. Also, please fly by to see me at number 92

Micki said...

I do watercolors and pastels, so I love yours. I hope that I win and thanks!

Jinny Holt said...

Yummy yummy painting,please count me in :~) I like your style :~)

Thanks for sharing


Terri's ThreadArt said...

This is such a touching piece...have fun and come by to see me!

SpiritMama said...

I love your blog and I just signed up to follow! What a lovely painting. I wouldn't mind the damage a bit, I have the perfect place for it! (my fingers are crossed)
Stop by for a chance to win on my blog too:
#28 OWOH

Waxela (wa-shay-la)
aka SpiritMama

Dottie said...

I'm a gardener too and I've always wanted to visit Australia. I hope you will stop by my giveaway as well.


Dawn said...

Loving your canvas and don't despair it will probably dry out x

My lucky daughter is visiting Oz for 7 months in July so jealous xxx

Drop by for my giveaway if you wish

Wendy said...

I love the beautiful colors of your blog which goes perfectly with the water incident. I believe every art piece is perfect in it's "imperfection" so that the water is just a magickal element that's been included in your gorgeous art piece. To me that makes it more special :)

Please enter me for the giveaway, I would love to win.

Thank you so much.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Brenda, it's a pleasure to meet you! Happy OWOH! I think your painting is beautiful and would be honored to win it. :) I hope you will come and visit with me:
Sincerely, Theresa

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous painting and the sentiment is so appropriate for this event. I'll definitely be back. I'm #11 on the blog list.

Angie said...

That is a beautiful painting, damaged or not! I enjoyed poking around your blog, too. :D

Jingle said...

The painting is very pretty! I really love it! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

Peach Street said...

What a beautiful painting! The water adds character. ;)

I'm a OWOH participant too. I hope you'll come by to visit with me as well.


PEA said...

Slightly damaged or not, it's a beautiful painting:-) I can just imagine how upset you were when water was spilled on it though! lol Please add my name to your giveaway, I would love to win:-)

Make sure you come over and enter my own giveaway if you haven't done so already!

Hugs, PEA xox

Beeshebags said...

Hi there from a fellow Sth Aussie....nice to see others from SA in blogland. Hugs Naomi

Maggi said...

Flying in from One World One Heart! :)

Damage or no, this painting is beautiful! It was wonderful meeting you and visiting your blog today! :)

You're welcome to visit my OWOH post anytime!

Happy Blog Discovery! :)

Regina said...

Hello from Alabama (waving) What a beautiful doorprize! Please enter my name and feel free to stop by my blog and enter mine as well BUT be warned though..I live in a very whimsical world. ^_^

Hugs and Happy travels in this amazing OWOH journey,

Dena said...

Hi Brenda,

I am sure the painting shows as nice as it photographs.

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful sentiment and sweet work of art! It's perfect for owoh.

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Hi Brenda,
Nice to meet you!
Lovely blog and some Awesome artwork!!
Your giveaway is beautiful!! Personally,I can't see any damage? ...but any imperfections would only add to the charm of this piece!
Hope you have time to hop over and visit my OWOH post.
Jan (UK)

GraceBeading said...

It is still VERY beautiful!!! And I'd love the chance to call it my own.

Thanks so much,

Karen Taylor said...

In love with your blog...stunning givaway!
I am now following. I would love for you to come to mine and follow new followers but most of all I love new friends!


Donna said...

Nice to meet you! That is so cute! I would love to be in your giveaway, please count me in. Thank you!

WW said...

Goegeous painting. So great to meet you.

Anonymous said...

trust me, the slight damage will only add to the paintings charm. she is beautiful - I can only dream that I might actually be lucky enough to win such a prize :D
Hugs from New Hampshire USA
Beth P

Just Jenn Designz said...

Hello... it is so very nice to meet you. What a wonderful blog you have here. I absolutely adore your painting too... it is beautiful! Please pop on over to my blog. I would love for you to stop by for a visit :) I am #78 in the OWOH event.


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Beautiful saying created in art by you! Please include me in your drawing and be sure to come visit and enter mine!
Happy OWOH Days!

AlwaysInspired said...

It is a beautiful painting even if it had a bit of a mishap.
Come visit my blog to see my OWOH giveaway! I'm #50

daffy said...

very pretty
im sure the damage just adds character :)

Ayala Art said...

Poor painting... but that's ok Please add my name to your list and come visit my OWOH giveaway as well :oD

Janine said...

Super sweet
Thank you for giving us the chance to win your great doorprice.
Come over to my blog too,
I join the OWOH- event too.

Thespa said...

What a wonderful and fitting prize for the OWOH. Beautiful artwork! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing your blog with us. Hope you have a wonderful time at the OWOH.


rebecca's rainbow kisses said...

Hello from snowy Massachusetts, USA. I love your painting even with the water mishap. What a wonderful way to meet other bloggers.
or my blog about raising triplets plus one

Paper Bagley said...

What a gift...a thought to inspire...I enjoyed my stay and look forward to seeing your art within the year...come have a visit at my studio...

AZviaTx said...

Brenda, even "damaged" your painting is superb. I went back through your postings and watched the progress of your lovely lassie. She's not damaged. She's like the rest of us: hiding a bit of imperfection under layers of bright beauty. And hey, better than those pesky locusts, huh? Have fun along the journey and I hope you find new friends and lots of blogs to wonder over. Tina

M Ann M said...

What a pretty blog and a nice giveaway. Thanks for participating!

Artful Musings said...

Its a great giveaway. Mistakes add charm and personality! I've enjoyed visiting your blog. Laura

Mervi said...

nice to meet you via OWOH,
greetings from Finland;
beautiful gift, I would love it;-))m

Lezlei Ann Young said...

Oh please enter me in your OWOH Giveaway! If I am the winner, you can contact me at Take a moment to visit my blog and enter my OWOH Giveaway at


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's very beautiful! You are a talented artist! Please enter my name and visit me, too! ♥

The Altered Paper said...

Yes it is Beautiful! Count Me In Your OWOH Draw Please! Thanks Tee

Maggie R said...

Nice to meet you and visit your blog.
Winning your give away would be awesome!
Thanks for including me in your draw..Come visit me, I am playing too.

Hoopie said...

Lovely painting.


Amy said...

Hey girl,
I love your painting. Total crap about the water damage - I HATE when stuff like that happens. I totally do. I am a profesh at messing up my art because I am clumsy.
What else? I like the rest of your blog, and I hope that you fine OWOH rewarding. I too am offering a painting, and I am a bit apprehensive that it will go to a bad person or something - you know? So I hope yours goes to a good person.

greenest mermaid said...

Hi! I love the message on your painting :) So inspiring!
Please feel free to stop by my blog ( to check out my door prizes as well :)
Thank you!

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Hi Brenda, I'm so glad to meet you through OWOH, thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments. Your door prize is fabulous! Sounds like it's got blood sweat and tears in it... sounds wonderful. Thank you for tossing my name in the hat!

Happy Creating!

Lori said...

I had fun browsing through your blog-- What fun! It was great getting to know a little about you. Your pieces are beautiful!

Kathy said...

She's lovely and with an inspirational quote. Thanks for your offering. Be sure to stop by my blog too.

Bright blessings,

Digital Misfit said...

I saw your sketches of this lovely girl on Flickr earlier this week. She is so beautiful, even with a bit of canvas damage.
I had a mishap with my OWOH painting too! The acrylic matte medium I was going to use to seal the piece ate up the watercolor crayon, making it come off in chunks. Had to scrape it all off with my fingernail and repaint. ugh!
Hugs from ON, Canada,
Please stop by my blog, #51 on the list, if you get a chance.

Beadwright said...

You are so funny. If you hadn't said anything I would not know about the painting. It is beautiful.

Kathy Eddy said...

This is so gorgeous. Great colors you chose for her.

Pam @ The Blue Between said...

I for one love her, damaged or not. I also enjoyed scrolling down and seeing her progression - how fun!

Please stop by my blog too, I make lampwork glass beads :)
Pam from Edmonds, WA

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful painting,she has the prettiest face and i love the softness.
thank you for giving us the opportunity to visit and get to know you and your art more
take care for now and have a lovely week
hugs June

Anonymous said...

How lovely! I would love to win it!
Please come to my Blog to win a real crystal ball!
Be well & wish well,

Carrieann said...

G'day Brenda, (always wanted to say that.)

Love your work and your following. Vibrant, uplifting and beautifully done

Hope you're having as much fun on our OWOH trip as I am!

Bright blessings from Vegas,

Gale Varland said...

The painting is beautiful. Even with the bubbles (they add interest). Thanks for letting us peek around in your blog. If you have time, please visit mine.
:) Gale

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Love your piece it is awesome.
Would love to have this in my home

Threads of Inspiration said...

Sometimes the best things come from seeming disasters, and yours has turned out lovely!

Carol said...

I love the wording in the picture and enjoyed visiting your other posts about how the piece was created.

Carol H.


Oh it is beautiful! Don't see any blemishes in the least! Hope you join in mine too.

Sussie said...

Your mixed media painting is a wonderful gift and I´ll be more than happy to win it and hang it in my craftroom! :)
So count me in to your draw :)

I hope you want to visit my page as well and participate in my giveaway too.
Hugs Susan

Linda said...

Beautiful Painting!
I also love the words so true!!
Stop by and visit me I am also in this event!
Best Wishes,

Rusted Wings said...

sweet blog & lovely offerings!
please come visit my blog #30 on the list...
warm hugs from Montana!!

Dianne said...

I think this looks smashing! Please enter me in your giveaway and come and enter mine.

Carmen said...

Oh how frustrating that must have been. She looks beautiful from here. Thank you for offering such a lovely giveaway.

Please feel free to drop by my OWOH post .

Java Venus said...

What a beautiful prize! Thank you for the opportunity to win. I am participating this year, too. Would love for you to stop by my blog and say hello!

Gloria said...

Beautiful painting, please enter me. I'm #96 on the list and stop by my blog for a chance to win. Happy OWOH event to you. Have a great week and nice to meet you.

DreamChallenge said...

Hi from Ohio USA. We love your country. Happy travels jan

Fiona (anubis 1 ) said...

Hi from the UK.
Such a great blog you have. I've enjoyed my visit here. Such a wonderful door prize too. She's fabulous. Count me in for your draw to win. I'M not listed yet so would be real nice if you could pay me a visit too.

Hugs Fiona.

Suz said...

You did a beautiful job and I love the words. I was in Australia about ten years ago and loved it!

I am also participating but am away from home and won't be set up for a couple of days. I hope you will come and visit.

Suz :-)

Viola said...

Gorgeous piece!! Hope you'll stop by my blogs too! :-)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I would love to win that painting! How charming~~♥ Please stop by my blog too, get your name in on my OWOH giveaway!
This is delightful fun!


Martina2801 said...

I don't think I've ever visited your blog so it's very nice to meet you. Please include my name in your draw and it would be terrific if you could drop by my blog for a visit too. I'm sure I'll be back for another visit. Have fun!!!
Martina from Stuttgart/Germany

Laura said...

beautiful work!!..I would love to take it with me!

you can find me here;

Connie said...

wonderful giveaway! please count me in...i really enjoyed your blog!


WrightStuff said...

She looks just perfect to me! These things are sent to try us eh? At least it was only a little water. Thank you for sharing such a treasure with us.

Susan said...

So sorry to hear of the mishap, but it still looks good!
Happy flight, come see me #209

Mel♥ said...

Great prize thanks for the chance :D


savyjade said...

I think the damage is part of the paintings story. Part of where it has bee. I truly love it.

Halle said...

Lovely painting. Great sentiment. Thanks for the chance to win...
Stop by my blog as well #222 on the list.

Arya said...

Stunningly Beautiful!! I have the perfect place to showcase this lovely!

Anneke said...

What a lovely giveaway.
Please include me in your giveaway.
Thank you:))

Anonymous said...

So lovely to meet you, Brenda. I love the 'story' of your painting and feel that any un-planned 'additions' simply add to its beauty and charm.
Enjoy OWOH and this amazing flying adventure!
hugs x

Pauline said...

G'day from Western Victoria (still flooding)! Thank you for sharing your lovely creation with us on the OWOH trip. Nice to meet an fellow Aussie on the trip! I hope you will visit me, I am OWOH 248!
hugs and blessings,
My OWOH blogpost
Email me!

Anonymous said...

This saying couldn't be true enough! Very beautiful painting :)

Anonymous said...

It's so much fun to visit all different blogs and get to 'know' people from all over the world! So glad you played along with OWOH too - and make me discover your blog! I think the 'damage' on your painting adds something special to it! I would not cover it up 'cause now it has a story to tell! Love from the Netherlands!!!

Tattin' Kat said...

some of the best works aren't perfect and have a great story behind them. Beautiful!!!

HippieDog said...

Oh she's beautiful.....makes her even more charming. So nice to meet you and I can't wait to start browsing around your blog. Take care, Michelle of HippieDog

CreativSpirit said...

Hi Brenda,
Great to meet a fellow Aussie, I would love to be entered in the draw for your lovely art. I am #9 on the list, please come by and visit.


Gracie "Neky White" said...

I love the quote in the painting wich is really beautiful!!
Thanks for the chance to win.

Come to enter my giveaway if you have time

Sidereal Day said...

Hello from Washington State!
Your painting is lovely, I'm sure a couple little bubbles wouldn't make a difference. Thanks for the chance.

Minky Magic said...

Lovely blog and gorgeous picture! Come fly by mine if you get the chance!Marie x

Naked Heart Art said...

Lovely Work! Hope you'll stop by for a visit. I'd love to enter your giveaway!
Robin :)

Lola said...

The painting is so beautiful! I think the spill only adds character. I love it. xololaorange at gmail.

Nicola said...

Hi there, such a shame when things happen like that but it's still a lovely lovely piece! Love the green and the red together!! So nice to meet another Aussie, be sure to stop by my blog and say hi!!!

grammy said...

Hi, Lovely picture. I really wanted to visit some far away blogs and make friends...what a good way to do it. I found it through Pea (o:
Come visit me (o:

CathyH said...

Hi! There are no mistakes in art. It may not be what you expected and it just became something else! Looks very lovely to me!! Colors are awesome too.
cathyguitarteacher-77 at yahoo dot com

Moriah said...

It was so nice meeting you! You have a great blog and I really enjoyed my visit! I hope you'll stop by to see me too, if you haven't done so already.

Sunshineshelle said...

Hi there Brenda, I'm a Queenslander Great to meet a fellow Aussie, please come look around my blog (or feel free to follow if you feel inclined maybe just pop in every now and then if in the bloggersphere, I'm fairly new to blogging & just realised I sound desperate to make new friends LOL) Now let's enjoy this hurly burly wonderful One World one Heart EXTRAVAGANZA :)
PS Accidents only make art more unique, yours is beautiful :)

arlette said...

I'd love to own your art work, and I don't really care about the little accident you had

Marie S said...

Hi Brenda I believe the message outweighs the slight damage, it is beautfiul.
What lovely place to land on this OWOH journey
Please stop by my place on your fight.

Holly said...

Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful art piece! The flaws only make it more wonderful!

Lorraine said...

Hi! Great to meet you! I would love to win your painting! Stop by to vist my blog, too!:o)

Dolly said...

WOW what an amazing artist!
I love your beautiful work!

Smiles, Dolly

Linda said...

Ohhh I knew she could be fixed as good as new. She's beautiful. Yes please do add me to the drawing.

Have fun with OWOH.

lk moonwood said...

What a beautiful message! It's so nice to meet you. Please visit me at
: ) lulu

martha brown said...

Your painting is beautiful! And I'm sure that the winner wouldn't even have noticed your "mistake" :). I'm off now to look around your blog some more!

Yvonne said...

Gorgeous painting. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Stephanie said...

She's beautiful!!

I would be honored to win. Please enter me in your drawing.

I invite you to stop by my blog and enter my drawing:

Take Care,


Linda M. said...

Hello Brenda, It's nice to meet you. You painting is lovely. I love her face and the words. Too bad that you had problems with it, it looks wonderful. Have a terrific time with OWOH.

Art by Ruth Sagrario Macotela said...

What a great blog you have, very pleased to met you :)

A fabulous give away, Thanks for the chance to win!


Cheryl said...

Greetings from Fresno, California :-)
Please enter me in your drawing for your lovely give-away gift.
~Cheryl over @ Artsy Fartsy

Her Art Nest said...

Glad to meet you! I am writing from Michigan and would love to be included in your sweet giveaway. Please drop on over to my place if you get a little time. Have fun during this amazing event. Take care, Nan

Aimee Jeffries said...

Nice to meet you! The words on the painting ring so true :)

Kristin Dudish said...

I love that her face also looks like a heart... and such beautiful words!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful --- love this piece of art.

Mrs A said...

Hi from qld, your giveaway is really beautiful, love your blog, come over and visit me if you can

quiltmom said...

What a journey your beautiful woman has already been on- The words are so true.
Thanks for sharing your story and participating in OWOH. I hope you meet many new friends over the festival.
Warmest regards from Western Canada,

CindyB said...

Gorgeous painting. What a lovely giveaway and great blog. Please drop my name in the hat for the draw.
eiggam 44 at yahoo dot com

Heather said...

It is lovely to meet you. Thank you for taking part in One World, One Heart. Please come visit my blog if you haven't already.


ladybug said...

It isn't 'damaged' it is extra original! :) Years from now art critics will talk about the wonderful texture that you chose to put in the painting! ;) And besides, it's BEAUTIFUL.

Please enter my name and stop by if you get a chance:

Nanbon44 said...

I think she is just beautiful
please enter my name in your lovely drawing,
Bonnie USA
ladycolmn(at)aol(dot)com FL.

Jennie said...

What a truly beautiful painting! YOu are so talented and I'm thrilled to meet you and now be a follower.

Best wishes to you,

Gail's Card Cafe' said...

what a beautiful girl! bubbles just gives it more character right? HA! She's still beautiful :)

Atypical Girl said...

Wow, you are super talented. Beautiful painting.

Amy // (OWOH Giveaway)
artsyrockerchick at aim dot com

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i am sure i would love to win this lady with a bubbling personality!seriously, i doubt if anyone would have noticed. i hope you will come visit me as well!

Beckie Holso said...

Brenda, I would be HONORED to win a piece of your art!!

If you get a chance, I hope you'll visit me too.

Beckie =)
artbeckons at hotmail dot com

OWOH #119
OWOH #132

MissMary said...

Lovely sentiment, beautifully rendered! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the introduction to your blog!

Ola said...

This is such a beautiful piece of art (imperfections and all)! I love it.... and the sentiment is wonderful!

Thank you so much for sharing!!!

okj83 at live dot com

Lorri Lennox said...

Gorgeous artwork!! Love it.
My heart is big :)
Lovely to visit your blog - please visit me too

Christine said...

Gorgeous whimsical girl! It's too bad that the water was spilled but I don't think it detracts at all. I love the sentiment and heart!

Thanks for the chance!!!

Christine at Change of Heart Creations
changeofheart56 (at) gmail (dot) com

Jenxo said...

hey feloow aussie, thanks for visiting me :)

love your painting tooeven if it did get tinsy bit damaged....

theanks for entering me :)

Dawn said...

Hello from Canada!
Sorry to hear about your mishap with your painting. It looks beautiful and I'm sure anyone would be happy to receive it.
Please visit my blog (Art of Humungous Proportions) too!
Cheers ~

Anonymous said...

Brenda, she is beautiful! From the photo I can't tell at all that there was an accident! That's very kind and awesome of you to paint a door prize with this blog hop in mind!
Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier and commenting. It's a pleasure getting to know you and I'll be visiting you again!

~Spike #22 & 24

spikelikeart at gmail dot com

KV Creative Designs said...

Here I am on my Flying Around the World visiting all the wonderful Blogs that are participating! Thank you for the opportunity to win your giveaway!

If you have not done so already Fly on over to my blog #172 and enter my Giveaway!

Happy New Year & Artful Blessings,

Janice said...

Your painting is awesome despite the little accident. I would be proud to hang it! Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

Quilter in the Gap said...

Damaged or not, it is beautiful. Thank you for participating.

Silke said...

I've so enjoyed looking around your beautiful blog and hope to come back to visit often! And I love the painting you are giving away!! Just gorgeous!!

Warm greetings from Savannah!

Silke (Metamorphosis)
I'm #302 on the OWOH List

Laura said...

I love your work- it has a wonderful luminosity in the faces!
Have a great OWOH!
Laura in Savannah, GA, USA

Tanya said...

So glad to be taking part in OWOH this year. Would love a chance to win your prize.

Lisa said...

Damaged or not, it's beautiful, please include me for a chance to win!
Thanks for stopping by my blog I appreciate it.


stampgram said...

Greetings from Cody, Wyoming! Isn't this fun? I love your blog - just lovely! Your offering is beautiful, please enter me in your drawing.

If you have a moment stop by my blog and enter my giveaway too.

mitz said...

...that is just life.. lol thanks for the opportunity at your artwork

Jolette said...

I love your painting!
Beautiful colors!
Greetings from the Netherlands

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, I am speechless!!! This is GORGEOUS!!!

Incipient Wings said...

this is beautiful!
all your paintings are stunning.

angelandspot said...

Beautiful! angelandspot{at}yahoomail{dot}com

Janet Bocciardi said...

Loved your post. So nice to meet you! Thanks for your kind comment on my post, too.

I've got my fingers crossed that your painting will grace one of my studio walls soon! ; )

Janet, Pacific Northwest, USA

kathy mc said...

Beautiful piece of work Brenda. Please add me to your drawing.
I’m playing too. Please stop by for a visit.
Kathy in Tennessee

Lemondrop Marie said...

She is lovely, and I think I would frame and never notice a bit of damage if I won! Happy OWOH.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
OWOH giveaway

Karla Rosendall said...

Cool, how did you get it to assign a number to the comments?

Beautiful work!

Gillian said...

I love your OWOH offering, any peeling paint will just add to the character ... I love peeling paint:) please stop by my OWOH giveaway, greetings from scotland.

Shauna Henry said...

Gorgeous work! The words are perfect! Please stop by and check out my blog as well (#556)

Happy OWOH!


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