Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where have I been?

Drowning in work I'm afraid. Every 2 and a half years the Child Care Centre where I work goes through an accreditation process and as one of the Team Leaders I need to ensure that everything is as it should be. Currently we are awaiting the validator's visit at which time she will go through everything with a fine toothed comb and we need to provide the evidence of our quality practices. I love my job and know that we work to the highest possible standard so this process doesn't phase me at all - it has just meant a bit extra work as I have only been in this role for 6 months and there were lots of things that needed to be done that hadn't been done by the previous team leader.

On top of that, my sister is getting married - yes, the sister that moved here from New Zealand with her daughter just before Christmas. She asked me to make the wedding invitations so I made 50 and they looked beautiful. They get married on the 4th July and I have been involved in the wedding preparations as well, which has taken up more of my time.

I am enrolled in several on line classes at the moment but am not doing any justice, hope to get back into it soon.

Oh, my daughter broke her arm the other day - she fell off a quad bike. She is quite proud of her purple cast but is quickly working out that she takes her arm for granted and how limiting it is for her. I have to put her hair in a pony tail, I will probably have to shower her or work out a way to wash her hair without getting the cast wet - oh and she has to have it on for six weeks.

I finally succombed and joined facebook, so if you want to add me as a friend, look in my side bar for my details.

That's all for now, sorry for my long absence.