Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I transferred my drawing to the background using carbon and have used three coats of white fluid acrylic on the skin. After each coat, I redrew the features on her face so they do not get completely lost. She doesn't look like much now but as I add skin tones and facial features she'll look a lot better - I promise! The only problems encountered today was the paint drying too quickly in our very hot climate - this may be a problem when I lay down the skin tone - I'm hoping for a weather change. Fingers crossed.


Art Expression said...

Hello Brenda,

thank you for your nice comment on my blog , I appreciate it. I am always so happy to meet people who like drawing and painting faces. I love it = )

Peace and Love

kristen said...

love your background and can't wait to see this progress! thanks for sharing!

Art Expression said...

I love your background ! Can not wait to see the finish painting =)

Vicki Holdwick said...


I think your painting is looking very good so far.

It is very cold here and we got about 3 inches of snow today. I'd be happy to take a bit of your warmth.