Saturday, January 1, 2011

Heaven Scent

I worked out that the Sketchbook Challenge is not a daily creative challenge, rather a minimum of once a month based on a theme. The theme this month is "Highly prized" so I will work on that during the course of January. I decided to join a daily challenge so have once again signed up for Creative Every Day 2011. Creating can take many forms but I am going to mainly concentrate on art. This is my day one sketch. It is of the most heavenly candle. While we were on holidays recently, I walked into a shop which sold kitchenware and smelt the most delightful scent. I asked the owner of the shop what made the store smell so nice and she showed us the candles. Even unlit they emit a beautiful perfume. My daughter decided that it would make a good Christmas gift for me and so I was presented with this on Christmas morning. It now lives in my bedroom and my whole bedroom has the most divine heavenly scent, gently wafting, not overwhelming and it fits with my new colour scheme. Yes, I have been busy painting our bedroom and it is looking fantastic. Now onto some real painting!


Vicki Holdwick said...

How lovely to open Google Reader and find a post to your blog inside.

And the candle is gorgeous. It looks so real - just wish the smell came with the picture.

Welcome back,