Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home straight

Almost done. Today I collaged the heart with scrapbook paper then a few different coats of transparent paint, finally finishing with a coat of gold mica flakes from Golden. The heart was then outlined with a bronze/copper lumiere paint. I painted the dress and added the pattern with a fine brush. Tomorrow, I will finish off her face with blush and some subtle shading and think about what other elements I will include - then she will be finished. She will have plenty of time to cure before she is posted to her new owner. I don't usually work on canvas boards but because it is more than likely she will end up in a foreign land, she will be able to go as a letter instead of a parcel, hopefully which should cost considerably less. The new owner can then decide how to frame or mount her. I'm thinking about what to paint for my next project now. I need to do something for my 100th blog post giveaway ...