Monday, January 3, 2011

Locust Plague

We are currently being plagued by locusts. Every time I go out in the car I come home with yellow and green splatter all over it. Swarms of locusts surround you as you walk into the backyard - they are everywhere. Birds are gorging themselves and becoming too full to get out of the way when you are driving on the road. The cats and dogs are eating them. They have the most beautiful wings. I wonder where they go at night??

I painted some mini 4x4 canvases, a lesson from my Texture Town class - using a limited palette of Golden fluid acrylics, creating "red", "blue" and "brown" paintings. Quite fun to do - I do enjoy painting abstracts. The colours don't show up that well in the photo, you'll have to take my word for it that the painting on the right is in brown hues. Day 3 done. 362 to go.


Vicki Holdwick said...

These are really nice, Brenda. Makes me want to do mixed media again.


Blissful Pumpkin said...

I can relate to the pestering locust Brenda. I live in Horsham. Apparently we're expecting another batch soon. =D

Teressa Thompson said...

I just went and looked. The class sounds awesome. It's going on my list. I have not had any art classes so I'd love to take some... when I can afford it.

Thanks for the info and the inspiration!

Teressa Thompson said...

Ok... I just saw other things from the class and I'm drooling. *looks around for stuff to pawn so I can take the class too!*