Monday, January 24, 2011

Chocolate Nut Bread

Well at least something productive came out of my studio - the chocolate nut bread is delicious! What you probaby don't know about me is that I follow a way of eating that is referred to as "high raw". I went on my raw diet about 4 months ago, have lost weight and feel great. Most people would probably feel this type of diet is a bit extreme and that it would probably be boring, but it really isn't and I have to say that I am never hungry!

The recipe for the chocolate nut bread was from
Rawfully Tempting
and I did modify it slightly as I didn't have some of the ingredients and I forgot to add one of the ingredients.

Chocolate Nut Bread
1 cup almonds (soaked 6 -8 hours)
1/2 cup macadamia nuts
1/4 cup shredded coconut
3 dates, pitted and chopped
2 Tbsp honey
1 Tbsp agave nectar
1 apple
1 tsp vanilla extract
pinch sea salt
1 Tbsp cacao powder
2 Tbsp almond butter
1 Tbsp ground flax seed (this is what I forgot)
water, as needed to mix
dash of cinnamon

Process all ingredients except cinnamon in food processor or high speed blender. Leave a little chunky. Using an offset spatula, spread the batter onto a non-stick dehydrator sheet about 1/8 - 1/4" thick. Dehydrate for 4 hours, flip onto mesh sheet, score with a dull knife, sprinkle with cinnamon, and dehydrate another 6-8 hours. (Don't let it dry out too much).

Cover and store in refrigerator for 2 days or freeze.

Try serving with a bit of nut butter.

Sorry I don't have the photo to post as I still haven't got a battery for my camera. If you go to the link above you can see a photo of it. This is so moreish and really good for you.


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Hi Brenda! that sounds good and Paleo friendly, which is what I'm doing these days :) Might have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your visit :)

~*~Patty S said...

how tempting and tantalizing and healthy this sounds

thank you for sharing...yum!

Marilyn said...

You are fantastic to really cook this way. I just can't seem to give up certain things. I do love my Vitamix, so I may just try your recipe.

~*~Patty S said...

Hello Brenda ~ had to share with you that I made Peanut Sauce with Veggies after visiting the Rawfully Tempting blog link you gave...Oh My it was SO delicious and a BIG hit. I will definitely make it again.
Thank you again for sharing that link.

Kerin said...

This sounds fantastic! Will definitely try it soon. : )

Thanks for the link also. I'm madly adding all these new subscriptions (including yours of course!) to my blog reader. So exciting!!!