Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quick Portrait Sketches

Hello friends,
Glad so many of you enjoyed a glimpse into my past with the mountain sketch.
I have been busy this week so have only done a few quick "tilty head girl" sketches in the evenings. The lady with spiral hair is going to be a painting for my secret sister in a Milliande swap. Everyone in the swap has to create an angel, any medium for their secret sister. I tossed up whether to sew an angel, but seeing as I have just finished my last portrait class with Paulette Insall, I decided that really I should keep on painting portraits. I am going to place a quote alongside her "We are each of us ANGELS with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another". My angel is only having one wing. The portrait is 8" x 10", so in the sketch you don't actually get to see her wing or clothes, so stay tuned for progress. I am really enjoying sketching portraits, and some seem to say "paint me", so I will be working on those that appeal to my muse. Oh, the portrait that I was painting for Paulette's class - I haven't finished it, still need to do the clothes and a few finishing touches, and then I'll post that.