Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mixed Media Collage

Here is the finished piece, given to a friend for her birthday this week. It is basically the same as the other frienship mixed media piece for a German friend (see older posts), but with different colours, reflecting her taste. I find it quite relaxing doing these, must take me back to my childhood - tearing, pasting, cutting, dabbing, painting, etc. I'm hoping to do more work on my portrait canvas tomorrow, wish me luck.


Sherry said...

Love this. I also love how you incorporated fibers. I've wanted to try this, but wasn't sure quite how.

Trish said...

love it!!
wanted to come over and thank you for the encouragement!! I don't know why I let myself get so anxious, if I would just NOT worry about things so much-but it was fine, better than I would have dreamed really, he was such a nice old man!! And here I was ready to quit so I wouldn't have to go through with it(and other new times-I guess maybe I was right when I said I felt like God meant me to take this job-it is good for me).Well, I have a few hours before I have to leave again, so I am going to pick up the apt. a bit-hope you have a great day!! and I will talk to you soon I hope:)

Trish said...

thank you:) I ordered new water color pencils last week and they will be here tomorrow, that will be my treat!! maybe I will get some watercolor paper too!! I'm not going to get the girl finished tonight, I am getting a cold, so will probably go to bed early, but I don't work Tuesday, so I'll have the whole day to make stuff!! I hope your day has been good, talk to you later!

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh!!! This is amazing : ) Very inspiring... I like the gauze, that's an awesome idea, I'm totally stealing it LOL.