Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sharing some art

After a long, long absence from creating (since I was a teenager), getting distracted by work, having children, studying and homeschooling to mention a few things, I decided it was time to simplify my life and negotiate some "me" time. I quit full time work, cutting back to 2 days a week. My house is no longer a bomb site, my family can rely on a home cooked meal every night as well as home baking in school lunch boxes. Bliss. Most importantly, I have found some time to start creating again. I belong to some wonderful egroups and when I can work out how to link to them I will. One of the groups, art techniques, run frequent on line classes and through them I learnt to create a mixed media collage. It was a step-by-step process and my end product was given as a gift to a friend for her 40th birthday. Here it is:

Because my friend is German, I added the German word for friendship in the corner and personalised it a bit more by having "40" and the date of her birth on the picture. I was quite pleased with my first attempt and am in the process of creating another collage for another friend's birthday this week. Will post when it is done.