Sunday, October 26, 2008

Creativity Club for Women

I am spreading the word! Milliande's Creativity Club for women is great. I first "met" Milliande when I was looking at art journalling on YouTube and came across some "how to" videos posted by Milliande. That led me to her web site and email group. She has just moved everything to the "land of ning", a forum type set-up, and it is great. If you would like to connect with like minded women from all over the world, make new friends and get the encouragement you need and deserve, what are you waiting for. I hope to "see" you there soon!

What you need to bring to the creativity club:

~A willingness to explore the creative arts viewed through the eye of your soul

~ Deep respect for the beauty and individuality of each woman who chooses to share of herself and her artwork at the Creativity Club

~ A love of life itself

~ An openness to reclaim your connection with the sacred feminine

~ A knowing that to create is your first and foremost birthright and that by trusting your intuition you will know instinctively what to create and when you do it will be the perfect time, always ...


Linda said...

Hi Brenda,

Just wanted to tell you what a great job you've done with your blog and that the face you've drawn looks really really good. I should take that class.

Trish said...

thank you for that comment-maybe I need to go watch me some suzi blu, she always helps me feel better!!hope you have a great day:)