Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First art journal page

Milliande issued me with a challenge to get started on using an art journal. Her words were "do it now". Her additional challenge was to do something purple and relate it to what I associate with the colour purple. My response is "royalty" and this journal page is the result. I am quite happy with the way it turned out - well, OK for a first effort anyway. I think I'm hooked. Just need to get myself a proper journal, this was just done on a page taken out of a watercolour pad. Little steps - as my friend at Milliande's Creativity Club, DellaLuna said "You know, maybe you don't have to just do it...maybe you just need that ocean to become a bay, that bay to become a lake, that lake to become a pond, that pond to become a pool, that pool to become a kiddie pool. Just like Letha said. And kiddie pool's, they're fun, and it's really, REALLY hard for an adult to drown in one. No deep end until you're ready, you know? Very wise lady. Thank you DellaLuna, Milliande, Letha for your advice and believing in me.


Janny said...

You can be quite happy;o)
It's looking beautiful!