Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Creative Space

There has been some discussion on Milliande's about what kind of artist are we. Are we messy, an inbetweener or a neat freak. So, I thought you might like to see my creative space and make up your own minds. However, before I post, maybe you'd like to see how my studio evolved - from an idea to complete within weeks. My mum passed away last year from cancer, and left me a small amount of money (when you have 5 other brothers and sisters it doesn't go far), and I was able to build my own space. We turned a little used corner of our backyard into a building site, though we have retained the chook shed at the back (no chooks at the moment though). The land we own is solid limestone so we had previously had raised vegetable gardens down there, these were relocated to make way for the structure. OK, on to some photos:

This photo shows the site where my studio is now built. Builder in photo, plus my German Shepherd, Magnus and daughter. Chook yard at the rear.

The building in progress. It is actually a 6metre x 9metre shed, minus the roller door, with windows and sliding doors added in.

Nearly finished, just the verandah to add on. I had to dig the path with a mattock, it took me three days to clear all the rock, weeds and dirt, but I wanted the path level with the lawn (saying that tongue in cheek - the lawn has died in the drought!)

This is how my studio looks now. I want to create a sign reading "THE STUDIO" to hang under the verandah, get the garden established and hang some potted plants, and it'll be complete.

OK, now on to the inside. I have only taken photos of the studio itself. It also has a huge storage room and a small kitchenette. When I save up enough money I would like to install a composting toilet there as well, to save me making trips up to the house! These photos show my work space, there is also a sofa bed, two large cupboards, coffee table, etc. in this room. It is very large and painted white, with lots of wonderful natural lighting and also banks of downlights.

So, what do you think? Am I a messy, inbetweener or neat???


Carolyn said...

What a COOL studio you have!! You're so fortunate to have the ability to do this : )

I'd say you're an inbetweener : )

kiwicarole said...

HI! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love meeting new people! I just love your studio! Fantastic! I can just picture it with baskets and pots of colour. I think your mother would be very proud of what you are doing for yourself.
Create in her memory!
;) Carole

Chavah Kinloch said...

I love your studio! Now I'm imagining a visit and getting a look at all your fun 'toys' hehe. I currently have nowhere set up to paint which isn't such a good thing today because I'm really eager to create. Why is that this bigger house still isn't big enough lol.