Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sun Kissed Girl

I had a very productive day today, though not really a creative one. My house is clean though and so is my computer after deleting lots of unnecessary files. For my creative efforts today, I made a cushion cover for my daughter, a batch of playdough for work and this quick sketch. I've called her a sun kissed girl because it reminds me a little of my daughter, who is blond with a beautiful olive skin at this time of the year. We had the most perfect day today weather wise - don't be jealous now! I never did make it to the studio to paint my New Beginnings lady, I remembered I didn't have any masking tape - the boys used it up masking a perimeter for their Warhammer game. Hope everyone is having a great day.


Suzan Buckner said...

Brenda--Wonderful drawings!! Thank you for visiting my blog tonight!

Vicki Holdwick said...


I really like this one. I am really fond of your heart shaped faces.

Trish said...

morning Brenda (well, it's morning here anyways:) thanks for the comment, I am SO glad I quit, never imagined that I would be able to, which helps to motivate me and makes me think (no KNOW) I can reach my other goals!! well, I really need to go back to sleep for awhile, never got much last night, but I can't seem to pull myself away from the computer (I think I need to make me up a schedule and stick to it, otherwise I can be on here all day and night easily!) I'll talk to you later (oh, before I forget, I still want to do the art journal exchange thing-need to figure out how to do it-if you are still interested-maybe we can find a few others who would be too-I liked your idea of working on loose sheets so it wouldn't cost as much to mail-we could sign the back so we would remember who it should end up with-it sounds fun anyways:)
ok-I'm really going to go now!
talk to you later

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Well, look at you - all up and running, even with guests in your studio. She looks sun-kissed even just withthe sketch. Go ahead and rub it in - the fact that it's nice. And sunny. And warm. *sigh*

Teri Leigh said...

I think this is my favorite one so far. Keep up the drawing, they just get better and better. Will you paint this one?


Hi Brenda
this little girl is gorgeous...I bet she will look amazing when you get to paint her too

Teri Leigh said...

Do you think you will paint this one? She is so lovely.

KARA said...

great drawing, you are very talented