Saturday, January 30, 2010

New toy

I am the proud owner of my new Bosskut Gazelle personal electronic die cutter machine. I can see I have a very steep learning curve ahead of me - it comes with Funtime software which is a learning experience in itself.

I really needed to learn to use it quickly as I had to make 40 invitations for a church meeting in a few weeks time. After much trial and error and some help from the wonderful lady I purchased it from (thanks Alisa)I was able to accomplish the task I had set out to do. I learnt a huge amount in the process, making many mistakes but I know that as I continue to use the machine and software that my knowledge will continue to grow and this little machine is going to make life easier for me, my family and friends!

This is the project I made. I wanted to make some cupcake invitations to go along with the theme of the evening "Dessert First". I found the cupcake invitation design when I did a google search and came across Elizabeth's blogs. (For some reason when you click on that link it adds a %22 to the end of the URL, just delete those and you will have the correct link). What a great find! I was saved endless hours of work because of her generosity in providing the template. I needed to convert the .gsd file to a .wpc (another steep learning curve), but it was very satisfying to have the job finally done.

I have been sketching as well - I will show you next week as I am still awaiting my pen eraser. I am a week plus behind with my on line class - hopefully I will be able to catch up. The lessons with Misty Mawn have been great - I am in awe of her techniques and results. I can't wait to try them - the results could be quite interesting!

Wishing you all a great, creative week.


Becca Holso said...

those are really cute! congrats on your new machine =)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

What fun! Gotta love toys - old and new. So you've been busy. Enjoy!

Vicki Holdwick said...


What cute invitations! And what a fun machine!

Nice to see you and can't wait to see your sketches.


Kaili said...

Hooray for the die cutter, that will make things easier!

DJ said...

It's been fun catching up with you here. Hope 2010 is all you need it to be~

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Brenda! Congrats on your new toy! I love learning how to use new fun gadgets, especially when it comes to making crafting much more easier. Your invites turned out fabulous!

Lisa :)

LLEAL said...

Dear Brenda

I have to blend out words such as fascinating, mesmerizing, stunning and enchanting as well just to describe your blog.
I would be honored not only with a single visit but also with the possibility of having your name on our friend's group.



Janine said...

That is a nice toy.
What a great machine.
I just want to say hello and to thank you for signing in as a follower.

Linda said...

I just love your cupcakes, they are so cute. a die cutter huh? Must be going around because I got one about two months ago as well. I got cricut Create. I love it. I haven't used it as much as I would like too (you know what been going on with me) But I'm looking forward to using it.

Do you like the software that came with your machine? I can't wait to hear more.

Thanks for your comments on my new journal. It was fun to make.

Donna Heart said...

very cute! i hadn't heard of that machine - i must go and look it up!

Jocelyn Christensen said... we LOVE cupcakes around here! What a fun blog! I am enjoying it quite a lot!

Fannie said...

Wow, looks like you've been having fun, Brenda. Thanks for sharing.

Stop by for a fabric giveaway on my blog. ;-D